What we do


Well-versed in cultivating and actualising ideas; we work in concert with clients, to the required degree of engagement, transforming concepts in to practical, functional prototypes and products.

Our specialties include: the development of prototype and production systems built around Linux/arm boards; as well as microcontrollers and FPGAs.


Drawing from our extensive experience, we provide an adaptive and diligent service. Supporting and implementing the client’s vision throughout the project; we will get your app into app stores, or deployed at your business.

As well as native app development on iOS and Android, we are skilled in cross platform applications; and striking the best balance between these two mediums.


We utilise existing cloud services, from the top cloud providers; and also facilitate integration with end user cloud services such as Apple’s iCloud and Google Apps. Additionally, we build custom cloud services for clients; from delivering video content to end users, to deployment and automation services.

We are adept at using compute, storage and search services from Amazon AWS and Google; as well as heterogeneous cloud platforms and cloud services selected by clients.


Experts in video, audio and imaging systems; we create automated and interactive products for clients. In particular, developing applications that work with high volumes and can deliver media to many devices.

We work with a multitude of codecs, protocols and libraries: including MP4, H.264, RTP and the open-source library FFmpeg, with C/C++ as well as Python and PHP.


Creating websites and web services tailored to suit your needs; we specialise in constructing robust, streamlined sites and systems that are capable of handling high volumes of traffic, whilst maintaining affordable running costs.

Our services include purpose built web systems; Wordpress themes and plugins; Javascript, Python, C++ and PHP; utilising JQuery, Django, Flask, Symfony and WordPress.


Every project has different needs. We believe in selecting the best tools for the job, not just the ones last used; in order to provide an optimum, comprehensive output for clients. We deliver a full stack service, working on all components of a project: from developing the backend systems, through to the front end apps and interfaces.

Our software development services focus on Python, C/C++ and Javascript, with additional skills in PHP, Java, Objective-C, C# and Perl.